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When I first started my own business, I found there were times I struggled with a particular question. I just needed someone to help me with one issue at a time. I wasn’t ready for a full coaching program with ongoing support, and I didn’t want a course when what I needed was a little extra help.

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I genuinely enjoy helping people solve problems and hearing that sigh of relief from an entrepreneur that’s been struggling with an issue or an idea for a long time. My background as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and an Operations person has helped me understand how profitability and people work hand in hand. Sometimes the answer isn’t on the income statement, but in the employee morale, sometimes it’s that the business has outgrown its processes. I have been there, made the mistakes and had the successes. This is what I can help you with. Avoiding mistakes and gaining momentum from my successes.

ABout ME

Hi! I’m Stacy Luft and I work one on one with Entrepreneurs to help them grow from self-employed to CEO with teams and systems they can rely on.

I earned my A.A.S. Accounting degree from Suffolk County Community College and my B.S. in Accounting and Executive M.B.A. from St. Joseph’s College.

In addition to working with clients and members of CEO Growth Academy, I am a CE Lecturer for the Bookkeeping Certification Program at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.


If you're ready for more support I can help you in CEO Growth Academy


Get help with your specific business issues in a private conversation that only you and Stacy can see. This is a group with only two members. You and Stacy.


When you enroll in CEO Growth Academy, the first step is to complete a Business Assessment. This is where we uncover what is working well, what isn’t, identify and close the gaps.


There are certain practical skills that every business owner needs to have in order to become a CEO. Skills like basic accounting, budgeting and reading your financials.


Stacy is a visionary who understands and focuses on the bigger picture. Working with her will help you take your company to the next level, think long term, be proactive and avoid unpleasant surprises. Stacy is incredibly professional and knows her stuff.

Nicole Chamblin